Retrieving New Shipments


We are trying to pull out data from Ordoro for “new” shipments. We have an application that polls Ordoro on a schedule and requests orders that have shipped since our last run. We save the last run date/time on each loop so we can subsequently request shipments since that time.

Our request looks like this:

“lastRun” is just our variable that holds the date/time stamp of the last time we polled for shipments

We recently hit an issue where some orders were tagged with a future date of shipment. That caused our application to keep picking up the same few orders over and over.

Is there some other different/better way that we can request new orders or prevent future orders from being picked up in our polling?

Thank you.

Sounds like you’d possibly need something like a date when marked as shipped field which we currently do not have.

The returned order_number is unique, so you can use that to determine if an order has been fetched in a previous request.

We had a similar issue … we retrieved the list of orders … added a tag to the orders selected … then on the next retrieve omit orders with the assigned tag.

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