Orodoro Orders API issues today

Hey there, when I go to the orders v3 API area, l am not able to see all the attributes. IE


Instead I see this:


Uh-oh, an error occurred!

Attributes Kit is not able to render the ‘definitions/OrderLine’ element.

I wonder if there is a known doc error or if it is my login?


The docs have an error rendering the response json

Thanks, it is also the Request as well. So for me, I am doing an order line write. Ordoro v3 Orders API · Apiary
I can see an example (with the Phil collins text) but that is not the whole of the Request body. It looks like I can pick it out of other areas but it is challenging to write without everything documented. Is there another place to get things like this? Maybe a document you could share for the orders v3 API?

If you scroll down below the error from the link you just shared, you can see the headers and then below that, the body of the request. You can also click the SHOW JSON SCHEMA button to see the schema itself.

– Edited to share screenshot