Ship only partial order

Currently we are using POST /order/{order_number}/label/fedex
to get labels for the order through the API, but in this call there is nowhere to set the SKU we are shipping. So is the entire order marked as shipped? what if I only shipped 1 out of 2 SKUs in that order?

Hi Robert,

Each order can only have a single shipment/label associated with it. If you would like to ship skus separately, I suggest you first split the order then ship the order with the items you would like to go out first.


Thanks for the information.


When splitting orders the api is asking for a line_id and quantity, but when we pull orders I don’t see any line_id from lines. Where would we get the line_id from?

"lines": [


        "quantity": 1,

        "item_price": 1.23,

        "link": "/order/M-order-1234/line/1001",

        "product_name": "product 1",

        "product_link": "/product/sku1",

        "sku": "sku1",

        "shippability": "shippable",

        "details": "Size:Medium"



        "quantity": 1,

        "item_price": 4.56,

        "link": "/order/M-order-1234/line/1002",

        "product_name": "product 2",

        "product_link": "/product/sku2",

        "sku": "sku2",

        "shippability": "unshippable",

        "details": "Size:Medium"