Show additional "ship from" address lines on labels

Is there a way to include more information in the “ship from” lines that appear at the top of API-generated shipping labels?

For example, when generating a UPS label using the “” endpoint, I can specify the contents of a “ship_from” object in my POST, including a value for name, company, street1, street2, city, state, zip, etc. When I print generate the label, only the values assigned to company, street1, phone, and city-state-zip appear on the UPS label.

Is there a way to also include the values I am setting for name and street2 on the label?

And is there a way to control the order that these items appear on the label?

Note: This seems to work correctly (full address information appears on label) for USPS labels, but not UPS labels.

Anyone know how to get the ship_from “name” and “street2” values to appear on the UPS label?

We took a look into it, and it looks like this is just how UPS displays the ship from/return address on the label.

When sending information to UPS to create the label, we do pass the company, ship to attn, and street 2. It looks like that is just something that UPS does not display when passing back the label image.