Search Purchase Orders API

1) Is it possible to search POs by multiple statuses ? I need to search “partial” and “sent” purchase orders.
2) Can I search POs by “sent” date ? As I understand “sent_date” parameter used to search by “created” date. Does something similar exists for “sent” value ?
3) Also can I exclude from search results po with some instructions ? Or I only can search by instructions but not exclude ?
4) And can I customize a request somehow to receive only PO fields that I need, but not full PO data ?


  1. No, you can’t use multiple status filters.
  2. No, there is no filter for that
  3. Search is a string, no exclusion.
  4. No, this is a restful API with only the shown possible request parameters.

Check out the docs for the possible filters and sorts that are offered: Ordoro API Documentation · Apiary