$0 Order API Sent Line Items


I synced an order using the API, however, it says $0. Please see my attached request and the attached zip file with the image. My software is sending the line items.

Also, should I sent orders to you with products marked as in house? See my client’s request:

Its showing part # HR-6106 is in stock in Ordoro, but not able to ship due to out of stock.
So I checked that item to make sure it wasn’t marked as a drop ship only item, but it is not.
It is marked as handled in house. I waited 5 mins, and I clicked in Ordoro again to make sure nothing has chance, because I had talked to Ordoro support to make sure it is not something on their end. After that I had clicked on HR-6106’s detail and see that HR-6106 is marked as drop ship only. So I marked it as being handle in house and now its available to ship.

Hi Joseph,

It says in your post that you have attached a zip file with the request you made, but I’m afraid the only thing I can see in the post is the screenshot image. Would you mind replying with that request again?