Design For Managing Order & Shipment Updates

Once an Ordoro order (awaiting fulfillment) is processed in the execution system, we have the following questions on how to correctly handled the updates sent back to Ordoro through the API:

  1. What API Call should we use if the order is “partially” filled
    [quantity] for [sku] “ABC” = 5 ; Execution system fulfilled 3 units

Is there any concept of backordering or short filling an order line in Ordoro?

  1. If the order is 100% filled , are there anyr calls required other than this one below to mark the order as “fulfilled” ?
    POST /order/M-20200414-102924/shipping_info
    “tracking_number”: “1Z59405Y0300111480”,
    “cost”: 4.56,
    “ship_date”: "2020-04-14T22:07:46”
    “shipping_method”: “Parcel”,
    “carrier_name”: “UPS”,
    “notify_bill_to”: false,
    “notify_ship_to”: false,
    “notify_cart”: true

  2. If there are multiple tracking numbers for a single order, are we require to relate those tracking number to specific items? If so, how is this handled in the API?

Any help with these design questions would be fantastic!

For anyone else that needs this information in the future, this is what we have found so far:

  1. If there are multiple tracking numbers for a single parent order and/or shorted (un-fulfilled) order lines due to out of stock, it appears that you must first call the split order endpoint and split the order x number of times.

  2. Once the order is split, we plan to send a POST request to the shipping_info endpoint to apply the shipment tracking information.

  3. The unfulfilled order line(s) on the child order will remain the “awaiting fulfillment” bucket. You could them re-retrieve them through a GET request to the order endpoint or call the cancel endpoint to cancel them if they are not going to be fulfilled.

  4. Please note, if integration with Shopify, it has come to our attention that Ordoro does not send the cancel notification back to Shopify.