New Parent/Child order behavior

In preparation for some upcoming backend v3 order api changes, we have separated orders into 2 different shapes: parent and child orders. See

  • The /order/<order_number> endpoint will always return the child order shape.
  • The new /order/parent/<parent_order_number> endpoint returns the parent order shape.


The v3 order shape no longer returns the child_order_numbers field. This information can be retrieved from the /order/parent/<parent_order_number> [GET] endpoint instead.
Use the parent_order_number field from the v3 child order to construct the parent order’s url. The parent order contains information about all children orders.

Behavior Change:

When creating a new order via /order [POST] any configured automation rules will be applied and that could potentially split an order.
The new behavior to tell when the order is “ready” is to poll /order/parent/<parent_order_number> [GET] and look for ready=true
The parent endpoint will return all split orders in the child_order_numbers field.
If no splits have occurred, then child_order_numbers will contain only 1 order number.