API info for label data stored in database

Hi, One of your support staff turned on a new feature for our account which stores all label data in the database with the order before the label is created. They said this would allow me to access and modify certain label fields like the payor field or reference number without creating a label. I see a field associated with orders in the API that seems to be related called “label_infos” that is being populated where it wasn’t before, but I can’t seem to find any info on this field in the documentation, probably because it’s so new.

Can you get me any info on how to interact with this new feature in the API?

Thank you!

Hi @Spencer!

We don’t have this as an available option in our API quite yet. Once we do, we will update the forum here with more information on how to interact with this.



Hi @sophie,

Do you guys have a rough estimate for when this feature will become available in the API?

It’s causing a bunch of issues for us since we can’t reliably set an order to 3rd Party or Collect billing, and since we are constantly shipping packages to our dealers this is a big issue for us. If a shipper doesn’t catch that an order was supposed to go collect and it gets sent on our account instead, we have to bill the customer for an additional amount not on their PO and it becomes a big headache.

Thank you,
-Spencer Constance


I think we determined a way for you to get the results you are searching for. We have presets that you can create with fields from the rate and label panel. You can create a preset for the information you want to store, and then apply that to the order.

Create a preset:

Attach the preset to the order:

label_info was built for internal use, and it is not on our roadmap for this year to release to the public.

Hope the preset order works for you!

Hi @sophie,

Before I was using presets with automation rules created for an order via the API to apply changes to the label. The issue was that these automation rules wouldn’t apply if the rules were created after the last time the user had refreshed the page. Since the change it seems this no longer works on certain fields which I have alerted your support staff to, but I will try attaching these presets directly to the order and see if that fixes the issue.

Thank you,
-Spencer Constance