Creating an Endicia Return Label via API

We’re using the API to retrieve return labels for users, but is there a way to create the return label via the API for an existing order?

Additionally, what fields are required to create a USPS label? The example here doesn’t list them:


Looks like we need to fix up our docs.

There is actually a return key that you can use to indicate that the label should be a return label. The twist is, we’ll update the ship_to and ship_from accordingly in the backend.

If you take a look at the docs online, use the link you sent, but switch to Example. You’ll see the request body there, which includes some fields. But, if you click to the right of Body where is says Show JSON Schema, you’ll see the full request parameter list including return.

    "return": {
      "type": "boolean"

Hope that helps for now!

Hi @sophie Does that entire list of parameters need to be sent? Because these orders already exist within Ordoro, we’re looking to send the minimum needed to create a return label.

You should only need the required parameters.

(Comment retracted. Figured it out)


Are you already creating forward labels? Or are you only creating return labels? The docs show that shipper_id and shipping_method are required. I’m not sure if you are looking at the same JSON SCHEMA as I am.