Setting shipping payor on order creation in V3 API


Is there any way to set the “Payor” field to “Recipient” or “Third Party” on order creation and not during label creation? The reason why is that the person shipping generates the label after putting in the correct dimensions, so we do not actually use the API to create the label. I would also need to set the account number after creation. We have a lot of customers that use there own UPS account number, so this is important for us.

Thank you!

No, this information is only passed through to the carrier during the rate and label request.

Can the label request be used to enter that info without actually generating the label so our shipper can change it before creation? The reason being is that I don’t know the actual shipping dimensions until our shipper enters them and manually generates the label, but I need to put in the third-party billing info before then.

Also, I was going to try and test this myself but using “” with Postman and the following JSON keeps giving an error.

  "shipper_id": my_shipper_id,
  "shipping_method": "03",
  "packages": [
      "box_shape": "custom_packaging",
      "height": 10,
      "length": 10,
      "weight": 5,
      "width": 10
  "payment_account": "accountNumber",
  "payment_country": "accountCountryCode",
  "payment_type": "BillThirdParty",
  "payment_zip": "accountZip"

I keep getting a 500 Internal Server Error and the following error as the response.

    "error_message": "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'copy'",
    "param": null

Thank you for your help!

I was able to get around the above error in postman by creating a new request and typing everything by hand, so maybe I missed something or some null character got inserted somehow.

Anyways, the question still stands if there is a way to set the Payment Type and account info from the API without creating a label or not.

No, you cannot set these fields before creating a label.

That information needs to be included on the request to the label as it is not associated directly with the order at this time.