Issues getting tracking information from Ordoro to Shopify

I am having issues with Tracking information getting over from Ordoro to our Shopify store.

We are using automation to update the tracking information in Ordoro when we get shipping details on our end, however these details are not getting pushed to Shopify.

I called in yesterday and was told that for the most part our JSON looks good but was advised to add the line “notify_cart”: true, however we’re still not seeing the info go over to Shopify.

Is there something that we’re overlooking or a setting we need to enable?

Hey @Omega12

Can you post an example of your request using CURL or a similar tool? In the response you should see a header titled X-API-REQUEST-ID, please post it as well so we can find the request on our end and diagnose any issues.

Thanks for the follow up @syork .

I didn’t notice before but it looks like the order page is actually letting me know why it’s not updating, it looks like the orders on Shopify are being marked as fulfilled before we’re updating the order with tracking on Ordoro’s end.

Looks like everything’s working as intended and I’ll just need to see what the current process is for our team handling orders.

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