Order Status Not Changed after creating tracking no

I have used API to:

  1. Create Shipment (https://api.ordoro.com/order/order_no/create_shipment/)
  2. Create Tracking No (https://api.ordoro.com/shipment/shipment_no/tracking/)

The order status is already changed to ‘shipped’ and all order lines are shipped but it is still shown on the ‘awaiting for fulfillment’.

Are there any missing steps or anything I need to check?

Hey sha

Seems like you are using our beta Orders tab in the app which uses a different mechanism for order creation, and is not yet publicly available through our API. If you’d like to continue to use the API for shipment and tracking creation, i would suggest contacting our support team to remove you from the beta test in the app. Then you will be able to view your orders and shipments, and with the correct status.

We’ll post upcoming API releases in the forum.