Cart API, v3 url changes

I am currently using the “cart API” to get a list of the carts (and their cart ID’s) registered in a particular account, so that I can properly categorize the incoming orders when we import them into our system.

I just got a note from support saying we need to make sure we’re using as our API URL by 8/17. But this cart API’s URL is

Can you please assist me so that I can get this ready for the 8/17 changeover? I could not find a “cart” API in the v3 documentation.


Hey @jafii
The only /v3/ endpoints are the /v3/order endpoints. You can see the /cart/ endpoint listed here

So will this continue to work beyond 8/17?

Yes, will continue to work after 8/17. The only change is the deprecation of the old URL.

Thank you very much, Seth.

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“The only change is the deprecation of the old ``URL…”

Does ,deprecation’ imply removal/deactivation in this case?

We are very busy, schedule wise right now and can’t possibly be scheduling a re-write of our system and in’s APIs within the next 1 1/2 months.
Are we about to have a “Broken” system because of the new API announcement?

After 8/17 we cannot guarantee the availability of the URL.

If you follow the migration steps in this post you should be in the clear. The response shape of the endpoints are the same. just acted as a proxy for


We are in the process of updating our APIs to use the new URL.

For label retrieval we are already using

url = ‘{}&pdf_type=single_page&size=thermal&return=false’.format(order_id)

… but in the new documentation I cannot find the above … will this continue to be supported? Is it just missing from the new documentation?



Hey, @RPZwilling

The /v3/label endpoint is still available. It’s listed in the documentation here.

Ok thanks … sorry I could not find this in the documentation.

No worries! Any feedback is appreciated. We’ll check on moving that around to make it more visible.