Change from address on return label (ship_to)

We have been able to successfully change the to and from address on a label, but not the to address on a return label, which is incidentally the from address when printed.

We want to swap in the Billing address as the From address on all return labels. When we test this we don’t get an error, but the generated label has the same From address as the original order.

We’re hitting the /label/fedex endpoint and here is the body:

“ship_to”: {
“city”: “Denver”,
“company”: “SomeCo”,
“country”: “USA”,
“email”: “”,
“name”: “Billing Customer Name”,
“phone”: “3123123312”,
“state”: “CO”,
“street1”: “123 street”,
“street2”: “Apt #33”,
“zip”: “80238”

Is this not possible, or are we doing something wrong?


If I’m following you correctly, you are trying to create a return label for an order. If you pass return=true the API will swap addresses. The originating address is the address that you shipped to. If the customer is at a different address, you’ll need to change the shipping address on the order.

This is how the app works as well.


Hi Sohie,

Yes, in the code above we are both passing “return=true” and a new “ship_to” address, which should be displayed as the From address on the return label. Unfortunately every time we do, the From address remains the same.

Note that this method does work if we set “return=false” OR if we set “return=true” AND send and updated “Ship_from” address.

It appears that we can’t both update the “ship_to” address and create a return label at the same time?

Ah, I see.

No, you should not be able to edit a ship_to address when creating any label, forward or return. This is not an order update endpoint. You can however use a different ship_from address when creating a label, but this will not update the address on the order.