Error while creating the return label for USPS


Not able to create the return label using the API with USPS

When I try to create theUSPS return Label using API I am not getting expected result

I expected:

It should create a return label for the specific order .

What actually happened:

It is not creating the return label.

Request Details

POST v3/return_order/XXX/label/pitney





## Response Details

### Body


    "error_message": "Additional properties are not allowed ('shipper_id', 'shipping_method' were unexpected)",

    "param": null


Request ID


Are you using the JSON Content-Type?

Yes , We are using JSON content Type

Ah, apologies! Seems we have some incorrect information in our docs wrt return_order rates and labels. At this time, you’ll need to use POST /v3/return_order/label/pitney and then in the body include:

  • shipper_id
  • shipping_method
  • reference_id (the id of the return order)
  • ship_from
  • ship_to

Thanks for making us aware of this. we’ll hope to have this documentation updated in a couple of weeks.