Error occurred while attempting to activate a USPS shipper account

Under Settings Settings, attempts to create a new USPS shipper account result in the following message:

Internal Error Occurred PB-APIM-ERR-1000

This error occurs after I fill out and click the Next button on the “Create a free USPS account” form.

According to the Pitney Bowes support site:

“This error indicates there was an issue with the Pitney Bowes system. For example, the error might have occurred because of an unplanned maintenance window.”

I can’t get any further in the process (only option is to Cancel). The shipper account is not created.

The address I am using is a valid USPS address.

Working out of a sandbox account.

Hi Rich,

To create a USPS account a credit card is required to be on file. Since you are using a sandbox account, it most likely does not have a card associated with it.

Since creating your USPS account is a one time thing, it’s probably best to do that via the UI not the API.

This error occurred while attempting to create the USPS through the UI.

There is no place on the form to enter credit card information.

Hi Rich,

Sounds like this is a non-API question then. You should reach out to your account manager or the support team with any non-API questions.

Thank you - I will do that.