Would like an example of how to create a scan for for USPS shipping

Is there an example available that shows how to create a scan form for USPS shipping? We’re shipping 50-100 packages daily, and the scan form would help.


SCAN forms in ordoro are created by creating a new task.

POST https://api.ordoro.com/new_task/

    "type": "<type of scan form>",
    "params": {
        "shipper_id": <id of the shipper>,
        "warehouse_id": <required for canada post, pitney, do not use for others>,
        "ship_date": <datetime string required for pitney, do not use for others>

where your types are dependent upon the carrier you’re using.

The response includes the task id which you will then need to poll for the updated response via
GET https://dev-app.ordoro.com/api/new_task/<task_id>/

When complete = true, and hopefully success = true, you’ll find the _linkpdf key will point you to the created pdf using /new_task/<task_id>/data/?output_format=pdf

If an error has occurred, success will be false and you’ll find the error information in status.

Let us know if you have more questions! Hope it works out for you.

Thanks for the info. Can I start a scan form, add whatever tracking numbers I want (from Endicia, for instance), and then create the form? In other words, do I have control over what tracking numbers are on the form?

No, at this time Endicia SCAN forms are created by the ship date of the shipments on the day that the form is created.