Order Number Generation


When using the create order function or the quick ship function in the orders tab of app.ordoro.com the order numbers that are generated are too long and are not editable.

What I did:

Tried to use the “Quick Ship” and “Create Order” options in app.ordoro.com/app#/orders

I expected:

I expected that the order numbers generated for the created orders would not violate the order number length constraint of 10 characters. Or at least that the numbers would be editable after creation.

What actually happened:

The order numbers violated the length constraint. This means that these orders cannot have a shipping label created for them. These order numbers are also not editable; meaning that if the order number violated the length constraint they would have to be deleted as there is no way too change the order number to fit the constraint.
Essentially, any orders created via “Quick Ship” cannot have a shipping label printed for them and orders created via "Create Order " cannot have a shipping label printed unless special care is taken to change the order number.

Hi @charlieUVIC , this sounds like an app issue. Please contact Ordoro support for issues pertaining to app use.

This forum is for API use. If you have a question or submission regarding the Ordoro API, just let us know!