Deleting orders

Hello, I’ve been using DELETE at the /order/order_id endpoint to delete orders. I noticed when I go into the UI, the deleted orders are still showing up in the Awaiting Fulfillment or Shipped section, depending on whether or not a label was created for that order. The weight for those orders are set to 0 and the order items have been removed.

I just wanted to verify that even though the orders are still showing in the UI, they have been deleted and we won’t be charged for them? If their are any additional steps needed to be taken to fully remove the orders please let me know. Thank you.

Hi Tony,

You are on v3 of the app, to do any actions to orders, you must use the v3 orders API. Otherwise your data may become invalidated, and have odd side-effects, such as deleted items showing up in the list page. Are you using this API?

What is the purpose for deleting an order? I do not believe that there is a charge for orders in Ordoro.

Hello Sophie,

Thank you for your reply. I’ll start using the v3 orders API for deleting now.

I was trying to delete orders in order to void any shipment information, and drop the charges on the labels that were created. Looking at the v3 docs, looks like DELETE /order/order_number/label would remove the label.

Assuming I don’t need to delete the order, will deleting my Endicia labels via that endpoint remove the charges, or is there a next step I need to take?


Yes, after you delete the label, we will make a request to Endicia to void it on their side. You should see an order comment on the order page that will update when the request to Endicia has been made. In addition, that will take a few days for Endicia to process on their side.

Contact the Ordoro support team to get your UI lined up, and clear out those existing mismatched status or deleted orders.


Thanks for the response! Will do.