Shipping Date get saved in Ordoro with additional of 1 hour


Ordoro saved the shipping date with additional of 1 hour. e.g. 13/04/2021 09:52 get saved in Ordoro as 13/04/2021 10:52

When I did:

I’ve used Ordoro API and used “shipping_info” endpoint.

I expected:

Shipping date on Ordoro dashboard should be same what system has sent using API.

Request Details

Post order / {OrderNumber} / shipping_info

Can you please let me know how to resolve this issue?

Thank you


This seems like a timezone issue. The Ordoro UI will show the dates in your current local timezone. You’re passing the date in as UTC (the Z in the timestamp) rather than any specific local time.


  • What timezone are you located in? Specifically what time zone is your browser set to
  • Do you have the X-API-REQUEST-ID? So we can debug on our end


Currently I’m in BST (British Summer Time) and my browser set to same time zone.

X-API-REQUEST-ID = 96e1a42f-070d-4091-a52e-ab43d692de21

I also tried to send date in “dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss” but it return with “Bad Request” response.
related X-API-REQUEST-ID = “27981bba-83d0-478a-9c0a-22f1f9d40977”


That makes sense why you’re seeing the date as +1 in the browser. If the order was shipped at 9:52 UTC, that is the same as 10:52 BST. If the order was actually shipped at 9:52 BST, you’ll need to indicate that in the timestamp by using the correct offset or doing the conversion back to UTC before posting. Ordoro accepts ISO 8601 formatted dates.