Ordoro API - Managing Datetime Offset

When executing a POST or PUT request, how should we manage setting the datetime values so that the Web UI reflects the correct time by locale ?

What offset should we be using or how is this time conversion handled in the Ordoro application?

“tracking_number”: “1Z5941AY4301179274”,
“ship_date” : “2020-04-29T11:23:30Z”,
“carrier_name” : “UPS”,
“cost” : 5,
“notify_bill_to” : false,
“notify_cart” : true,
“notify_ship_to” : false,
“shipping_method” : “PARCEL”


You should be able to send UTC with the datetime and view it locally in your browser. If there is an issue with that, let us know.

For reference, Ordoro is in the US Central time zone.