Shipping Method Codes needed


We are integrating Ordoro to SAP ByD.
We are trying to push shipped orders from Ordoro to ByD.
But we are unable to move Shipping Method .
How can we get the codes for the same ?


Hi Snigdha,

I’m not sure what you mean by:

move Shipping Method

Please clarify

Hi Sophie,

What Snigdha is trying to ask for is the codes relating to the shipping methods, such as next day delivery or 5-7 days ground delivery. We are trying to pull this information into our ERP system (SAP Business ByDesign), but we are not quite sure what the technical codes behind these shipping methods in Ordoro are. Would you be able to let us know how to get these details or provide us with a list?


It’s a little buried in the docs, but each /order/:id/label endpoint will have its respective shipping_method. I hope this helps.

We also hope to release a change soon to give you the display name.