WooCommerce Integration

Hi, We are the developers of the Advanced Shipment Tracking (AST) plugin for WooCommerce - https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-advanced-shipment-tracking/

We would like to add integration between Ordoro and the AST plugin. there any documentation of the API call that Ordoro is doing to update the WooCommerce API with the tracking info when order is Shipped?

There is no documentation on the calls we’re making to WooC, but if you can provide more info on what you’re looking for we can help you out.


The Ordero WooCommerce inteegration

on this page you say:
“Currently, WooCommerce API does not support a way for us to post the tracking number on to an order” and
“Currently, Ordoro will add a note to the order in WooCommerce with the tracking number information inside that note. Ordoro will mark that order as completed. Here is what the note looks like. With the latest version of WooCommerce (2.2), WooCommerce will email the customer that note.”
and that there is a WC plugin that adds the tracking to WooCommerce but only works with the official WC shipment tracking.
We want to work with Ordoro to add compatibility with our plugin which is free and has 30k+ active stores.

Option 1 WooCommerce does not provide tracking API but our plugin does and also the official WC plugin provides API, so you can add easily add compatibility with our plugin in case they its installed on WC, you just need to check if the shipment tracking API endpoint exists and if yes to use it to add tracking to orders and mark the order as Completed as you do today for a complete integration with no need to extra plugin. We can provide the code for the request you need to do to implement that API call.

Option 2
If we understand how you update the WC API when you add tracking to the order notes, we can provide the compatibility in our plugin the same as the other WC plugin] you partnered with is doing for the official plugin.

Please advice, we get this request from many of the AST plugin users that use Ordoro and want to have full automation on their post-shipping workflow.