WooCommerce Inventory Not Updating Immediately

We’ve taking on a site that installed Ordoro with WooCommerce and the owner is not seeing immediate updates to the inventory on the front end of the site. Like Ordoro isn’t tell WooCommerce, hey update Product ID 3234’s inventory to be sold out. So customers are able to buy Product ID 3234. Causing chaos. Especially on a busy site.

We’ve turned off cache on PDPs, we wrote a CRON script to have Kinsta cache purged every 5 mins only on PDPs. We even removed cache from the page in its entirety and nothing has changed.

The client has to literally go and refresh the product page in the back end by clicking update or something. Like maybe ajax isn’t getting the message to refresh. I don’t know.

Has anyone ever come across this issue before? Thanks

#woocommerce #issues