API Needs - SYNC and ZPL

After evaluating your and Teapplix’s API, I want to ask about a couple needs we have from your API:

  • API to sync orders. According to your documentation, orders sync every 60 minutes. This is not often enough for us. Manually syncing is not an option- the whole purpose of using your API is to reduce labor. Teapplix provides an API to initiate a marketplace sync.
  • Ability to retrieve ZPL provided by Amazon’s API. Amazon’s CreateShipment endpoint provides ZPL. Much like many warehouses around the globe, we greatly prefer ZPL printing. Teapplix also only provides PDF, but they are looking into providing ZPL.


If you have questions about sync time, you must speak to Ordoro support.

We do not offer zpl as a format for labels, only pdf

Hope this clears that up for you.

I’ve asked for ZPL for years.

As a note, please understand the API is unsupported. See “The v3 Orders API is for internal use with the Ordoro v3 UI.” in Undocumented/Unannounced API Change