Download Label Formats - ZPL

We need to print labels to an older generation Zebra printer (ZE500).

We would like to be able to download labels as ZPL via the API. Is there a way to download as ZPL via the API?

We have been able to download the label as a GIF, but the ZE500 print engine does not support GIF. It also does not prefer PDF.

Are the other formats of the label we can download via the API besides GIF or PDF?


No. At this time, we convert the images saved from the carriers in GIF, PNG or PDF format depending on how the carrier responds, and we convert to PDF for label printing purposes.

So, we only downloaded a UPS label.

Are all carriers available in a common format? E.G. We can download UPS, USPS and FedEx all in GIF?

No, we take what the carrier gives, they may be in GIF, PNG or PDF format depending on the carrier, then the label retrieval endpoint which is used to print converts all to PDF.