PO adding up cancelled good receipts


I noticed that a call like ...@api.ordoro.com/purchase_order/3015/
will show something like this for the items:

            "id": 906813,
            "quantity": 4,
            "unit_price": 0.0,
            "_link": "/purchase_order/3015/line/906813/",
            "product": {
            "to_be_shipped": 3,
            "available_on_hand": -2,
            **"quantity_received": 8**

As you can see, the quantity_received is greater than the quantity.

Checking the good_receipts, I found that this product has tow good receipts, each one with receiving 4 products, thus 8 received.

However, one of the good_receipts ( “goods_receipt_id”: “20191121-122809716”) has status = deleted.

            "status": "deleted",
            "updated": "2019-11-21T19:25:49.101391+00:00",
            "goods_receipt_id": "20191121-122809716",
            "created": "2019-11-21T18:28:09.718513+00:00",
            "received": null,
            "_link": "/goods_receipt/20191121-122809716/",
            "po_id": "3015",
            "po_status": "partial",
            "items": [
                    "id": 1646554,
                    **"po_item_id": 906813,**
                    "quantity": 4,
                    "product": {

If the good receipts was deleted, shouldn’t the respective quantity be deducted from the ‘quantity_received’ field?


Any update?


Based on the information you gave us, I would say that the quantity_received field should only include the amount from the non-deleted goods receipt. Thank you for the bug report.


Thanks, Sophie!

Is there any time frame to have it fixed?

I know we can loop from the goods receipt to make the calculation right, but it will significantly increase the time to process the POs – not to mention the increase of the CPU use.



We are in a code freeze through the end of the year and will begin planning in the next year. We might expect to begin to work on this in the first half of 2020.

Has this just come up or have you just started to use the PO and GR part of the API?

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Hello, Sophie.

I’ve been using the PO/GR API for a while now and it was yesterday that someone noticed it.
If you want, I can try to check if it was like this since we start using it.


Thank you again for the heads up.


Any ETA for this one?


Good morning?

Any idea when it will be fixed?


Thank you for checking in, but we do not have an eta on this. We will update when we are looking into it.