Quickbooks Online

We are looking to (1) create an invoice in Quickbooks Online for wholesale orders (which came from a custom sales channel) marked “shipped” in Ordoro and (2) create a sales receipt in Quickbooks Online for online Shopify orders that are marked “shipped” in Ordoro. Unfortunately, it seems the built-in Ordoro<>Quickbooks Online integration will create new customers for every Quickbooks Online sales receipt represented by a Shopify order, which would result in the creation of thousands of unecessary customers in Quickbooks Online. We can solve for creating Quickbooks Online sales receipts for the associated Shopify orders. However, we need a way to get the wholesale orders from Ordoro to Quickbooks Online after there’s an update for the Ordoro that marks it “shipped.”

Is there a webhook or some other manual mechanism that we can cause to be fired in order to run some code an create a Quickbooks Online invoice? Perhaps we can use the “Sync” button?

It seems like the only other option would be to GET orders since the prior GET on a frequently recurring schedule (e.g., every 5 minutes). But this seems pretty silly.