UPS box_shape codes

Trying to ship UPS through Ordoro API and having some issues.

Is there documentation on “box_shape” codes below? We need to know which one is custom packaging so we don’t get mismatch packaging error.

Any help is appreciated.

{“error_message”: “‘CUSTOMPACKAGING’ is not one of [‘01’, ‘02’, ‘03’, ‘04’, ‘21’, ‘24’, ‘25’, ‘2a’, ‘2b’, ‘2c’, ‘56’, ‘57’, ‘58’, ‘59’, ‘60’, ‘61’, ‘62’, ‘63’, ‘64’, ‘65’, ‘66’, ‘67’] (param: packages.0.box_shape)”, “param”: “packages.0.box_shape”}

{“error_message”: “Mismatch package dimensions with package type”, “param”: null}

Yes, you can take a look at the JSON Schema provided in the documentation for UPS label creation here This shows the enumerated values you’ve referenced along with their respective human readable counterpart.