Create Order API Mark Orders as Paid


I am using the V3 API to create sales.

On the Ordoro label, I want to show that the order is fully paid. What field should say the order has no balance?


I’m not sure what you mean by this. Hope to clear it up with ya.


On each Ordoro sale, is there a field that says whether the order is unpaid, partially, or fully paid? How do I instruct Ordoro that an order I am importing is unpaid?

We do not have “sales” in Ordoro, they are all designated as “Orders”. So, we assume that all orders are finalized in the app. We do not have any paid/partially/fully paid statuses. We have awaiting_fulfillment, dropshipment_requested, shipped, and cancelled.

If there are specific tags for clients using the app, these may be associated with auxilliary statuses.